Puzzle Games from Ella the Doggy

Just in time for Fall –  Puzzle Games from Ella the Doggy!

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Snuggle in with your little ones and have some fun with these puzzle pages.

Below you will find both a printable crossword puzzle and a word search game from “Doggy Loves Autumn!”
You can find most of the answers without the book, but it’s  extra fun to have the book and let your children look for the answers in the book if they need help.

Suggestions for completing these printable puzzles:
1. Let your Kindergartner and early school-age children try them by themselves OR…
2. Do the puzzles together with your younger child.  Adults will enjoy theses puzzles too.


autumn crossword puzzle

(The answers for the above puzzle are posted at the bottom of this page).

autumn word find

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Crossword puzzle answers:
Across:  1. carrot  4. fall  6. trees   7. pumpkin  9. Halloween   11. tail
Down: 2. Thanksgiving  3. yellow  5. ice   8. school

We hope you had fun with the puzzles.
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