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Book One: “Doggy’s Busy Day”

ellabookcovernewjuly18kindle Book One introduces your family to Ella, a Siberian Husky with a very unique personality. “Doggy’s Busy Day” will take young children through one of Ella’s typical days, with each aspect of her day being supported by fun and engaging pictures.  The format of the book allows for a very interactive experience as children hearing about Ella’s busy day can compare themselves to Ella, both their similarities with her and the differences between themselves and Ella.  Children will be able to place themselves in the story and enjoy Ella’s adventurous day right along with her.

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Book Two: Doggy Finds Her Bone


In book two, Ella has a problem.   She knows that she has a big juicy bone somewhere, but she cannot remember where she left it!  First Ella looks all over the house for her bone, but she does not find it.  Then she goes outside to look for it.Ella gets very tired and she works hard, but she does not quit, until at last she finds her bone!  This book, like the first book, has both an entertaining story and more wonderful pictures of Ella.  It also has a subtle lesson that we can all learn from!

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Book Three: “Doggy Loves Autumn”

 kindle coverdoggysautumn_edited-1

Follow along with Ella the Doggy, as she keeps busy during the season of Autumn!  Ella is having lots of fun as the weather cools down in Minnesota.  While on her walks outside, she notices lots of changes. Inside the house, there is even more action as she sees her people family celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving. The adult reader has ample opportunity to discuss the seasons of the year, as well as the Holidays in “Doggy Loves Autumn.”  Because of the pictures and text in this book,  not only is “Doggy Loves Autumn” very entertaining, it also presents a wide array of learning opportunities for the younger child.

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Book Four: “Doggy Celebrates Christmas”


Ella the doggy and her people family are getting ready for the Christmas Holiday!  There are all kinds of shiny, pretty things both inside and outside the house.  As Ella checks things out, your child can learn right along with her as she discovers some of the wonders of Christmas, including ornaments, decorations and what a village is. There is also opportunity to discuss shapes, the family – and even the birth of Jesus, as Ella takes a good, close look at a manger scene.  “Doggy Celebrates Christmas,” like all of the other Ella the Doggy books contain large, beautiful pictures, are fun to read and have lots of interactive text for the reader and the listener to engage in!

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Book Five: “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter”

kindle coverdoggyswinter apirl 23_edited-1

In states that get cold like Minnesota does, people have to dress up to stay warm outside, but not Ella! Ella is a dog called a Husky and Huskies can play outside for a long time without getting cold because their fur keeps them warm.  In “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter,” you will find Ella taking long walks in the deep, white snow, watching children build a snowman and playing games outside with the children.  This winter is extra special for Ella the doggy because she gets to learn how to pull children in a sled!   You will enjoy reading about all of the funny things that Ella does while she is learning how to pull the sled and laugh at how goofy she is!  Snuggle up with someone now to read about Ella’s winter time adventures.  You will also discover something special Ella gets at the end of every cold winter day.  It’s all here in “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter!”

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Book Six: “Doggy’s Favorite Colors”

doggys color book front cover

This educational and entertaining early childhood picture book will teach young children their colors through the eyes of a lovable Siberian Husky named Ella.

Welcome to “Doggy’s Favorite Colors,” the sixth book in “Ella the Doggy” book series!  This book, like all the “Ella the Doggy” books, is filled with large, colorful photographs of Ella.       The text is highly engaging and provides numerous opportunities for the adult to discuss numerous subjects with the younger child.

In “Doggy’s Favorite Colors,” Ella the doggy can’t seem to decide on which colors are her favorites. Because Ella enjoys so many different colors, she chooses several different colors to be her favorite!

Just as all colors are unique, children reading this book will receive the important message that like all colors are different, each one of us is also truly special and unique.


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Book Seven: “Where is Doggy?”

lla the dog is pretty big, so most of the time she is easy to find.
But when Ella takes her walks, sometimes it is hard to see her when she runs ahead of her people friends!
Ella gets silly sometimes and likes to play peekaboo and hide-and-seek games too. Sometimes she does a good job of hiding and sometimes we find her right away!
“Where is Doggy?” is the seventh book in “Ella the Doggy” book series.
Every page in this book is a fun opportunity for youngsters to find Ella and experience the satisfaction of locating her.
This book is probably best-suited for toddlers, as Ella is quite easy to find in most of the pages. However, grade schoolers also thoroughly enjoy reading this book and sharing it with their younger siblings.
“Where is Doggy?’ has large, colorful photographs on every page, making it easy and fun for children to even enjoy this book on their own, over and over again.
From the first page to the last page, you will have a wonderful experience sharing this fun book with the lucky youngsters in your life!

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 Book Eight: “Doggy Gets a Bath”

Doggy gets a bath cover june 2017

“Doggy Gets a Bath” is the eighth book in “Ella the Doggy” book series.
In this fun story, we get to see Ella changed from a very dirty dog into a “sparkling clean” pet!
Ella goes out to run and play one day.
She has lots of fun, but she also gets very dirty.
So of course she gets a bath!
This puppy’s adventure begins in the bath tub and finishes up at home, when she shows off her shiny, clean fur!
In “Doggy Gets a Bath,” Ella gets her fur shampooed, rinsed, and dried. Then she gets her toenails clipped, her ears cleaned and her fur brushed. As a final touch, Ella gets a brand new bandana to wear around her neck.
Whether the little ones in your life enjoy bath time or not, they will thoroughly enjoy seeing Ella’s transformation as she gets cleaned up.
Join Ella the doggy in her latest adventure.  Bath time and getting clean has never been so fun!

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