About Ella

Ella, our Siberian Husky Dog

ELLASFACEElla the Doggy’s Background

Ella the doggy was born August of 2009.   She is part malamute and part Siberian Husky.   We got Ella when she was six weeks old and we kept the name that had been given to her. Ella is also the goofiest dog that we have ever heard of…
When she came to our home in Minnesota, Ella had another dog to greet her. That dog’s name was Camper. Camper was a male Siberian Husky who was already ten years old, so he did not have a lot of patience for Ella.  But like her people family, Camper grew to enjoy Ella’s company.  Ella was very sad when Camper died the following Spring and we were very glad that we had Ella to help take our minds off losing Camper.

The Personality of This Husky

Ella is very sociable and likes to be around her people family all of the time, but she is very timid around both new people and new animals. She gets scared at the slightest noises and is afraid of trying new things.  Before we got Ella, we thought Husky dogs were very independent. However, Ella must have forgotten that she is a pretty big dog and not the small puppy that she once was, because she still likes to be carried around the house!
Ella the doggy is also a very sassy dog.  If you tell her to do something that she does not want to do, such as going outside, she will tell you off by making very loud, funny noises the whole time that she is trying to get out of doing what she was told to do!
 One of the things that Ella does not like is when people hug or kiss in front of her.  She gets quite ornery and starts making her funny noises again. If you are hugging someone, she will even try to come between whoever is hugging each other.

Ella the Doggy Books

 Ella has lots of other funny and unique things about her.  You can find out more about Ella the doggy in her books and in our posts. . Please let other families enjoy the company of Ella by passing along this web site page.