“As the grandfather of nine, I have a young child in my lap constantly begging for a story. Jayne FLaagan’s book “Doggy’s Busy Day” has been a hit, not only reading it aloud, but interacting with the questions she provides. I wish all children’s books would use a similar format. A great gift, too. Five stars!” ~ Mike Lewis

“Doggy’s Busy Day” is a very simple read with great pictures of Ella, a beautiful dog. It would be a great addition to your collection for helping children learn about a day with a dog and have the child share their day with you.” ~Linda Bowers

“A sweet book for children that takes them on an adventure with Ella the dog. Because of the format and the questions asked, it as interactive as one can have in a book. Children can go on an adventure with Ella as they can see themselves right in the story. Whether the young reader has a dog or not, this is a delightful book that will bring joy to many young hearts.” ~ Christiana Caelis

“Doggy’s Busy Day” by Jayne Flaagan is an appealing book for young children, supported by photos of her adorable husky dog. Don’t let the simple format fool you into thinking this is a passive read. The questions embedded in each page invite engagement and consideration by the youngsters and their adult reading companions relevant to their own life, possibly extending into more complex conversations over time. What’s more, the book is structured to take the doggie through a normal day, which can provide a parallel support structure for the reader. These elements are crucial in early learning success. Enjoy! ~ Donna Kim-Brand

Jayne Flaagan’s book “Doggy’s Busy Day” is a charming visual treat, featuring the photogenic husky, Ella. Filled with full-page color photos of Ella in numerous lovable poses, the book asks young readers to notice the similarities between the pup and themselves. This book is sure to be requested over and over by any child. ~ Hiyaguha Cohen