Ella the Doggy Activity Book For Kids Just Released!

Ella's Activity Book for kids is available now! You can be among the first to get Ella's new activity book...! What's Inside:                                     Mazes             Word Finds            Crossword Puzzles          Coloring Pages            Word Scrambles          And more!  Hours and hours of fun for your family This activity book is based on the "Ella the Doggy" book series. You do not need to have the books to do the activities. However... having the books makes the activities in the book even more enjoyable because children are entertained by looking for the answers in the book.  Since "Ella the Doggy" books are designed to be read to the child around 2-5 years of age, we wanted to give older children a way to enjoy Ella too....  Hence, "Ella the Doggy Activity Book!" Those old enough to read (adults included) can either do the activities on their own or help a younger child complete them. Entertaining and Educational The … [Read more...]

Need a fun break today? Look no further!

  We often don't take the time we need to relax and have fun on a regular basis.  We need to take that break for lots of reasons that we are all probably aware of.  If you are thinking right now that you don't have time to relax, I do know the feeling.  However many studies have shown that when we take some time to relax and "get away from it all," even for just a few minutes, we are usually more productive when we do return to our work. With that in mind, we created a "mini break" for you HERE!  When you click this link, you will find a word find puzzle that includes the words from Ella's second book, "Doggy Finds Her Bone."  You can print the sheet out and do it by yourself, share it with the kids, or print a second one out and you can each do it on your own! The important thing is that you do it.  Put your work on the back burner for just a little while and I can pretty much promise you that you will be glad you did! This fun little activity is waiting for you.  … [Read more...]