Looking for Free Books online this Fall?

If you need FREE books on Kindle for the kids, "Doggy loves Autumn" is probably just the book you are looking for! In this book, the second in the "Ella the Doggy" book series, you and the children can follow along with Ella the Doggy, as she keeps busy during the Fall season! Fall Outdoor Activities Ella is having lots of fun as the weather cools down in Minnesota. While on her walks outside, she notices lots of changes in the colors... and she keeps busy snacking on foods from the garden! Indoor Activities Inside the house, there is even more action as Ella sees her people family celebrating Halloween... and Thanksgiving! As a reminder, the following are some of the benefits of reading to children: Improved speech and language development Children learn how to pronounce new words Vocabulary expansion Children tend to do better in school Helps build a life long interest in reading Children learn how to listen Helps children grasp grammar and … [Read more...]

Ebooks offer benefits “normal” books don’t…

I love holding an actual physical book in my hand and reading it.  Whether it's the middle of a blustery winter day or an afternoon at the beach, not much can beat a good book. Having said that, books that you can download onto an electronic reading device (Ebooks),  do come with some "extras" that a book made of paper cannot offer,   Especially when you have younger children. For instance, with Ebooks, you can have numerous book titles to choose from - all on one device. Often, Ebooks contain links within the text that will take you to some interesting web sites relative to the book that you are reading.  All you have to do is click the link. Ebooks can also offer sound effects, video clips, activity pages, and much more.   When you are trying to entertain a child who may be getting very cranky, or a child with a short attention span, this can be a big advantage over a "regular" book. Some Ebooks  even come with an audio  or multimedia CD included.  This encourages … [Read more...]