Stress Management for Parents

Do you feel like this sometimes?  Wound up so tight that you feel like you are going to both literally and figuratively snap?

lego under pressure no credit dueStress management for parents can be critical.

We may hate to admit that we don’t always love parenting and that our children bug us sometimes.  Even if you are usually very happy in your parenting role, sometimes we just need to take a minute and realize we need to do something (or get rid of something) to actively counteract stress.

Parenting is a hard job and sometimes we become overwhelmed by the challenges we face.  If a happy home for your family is important to you,  you will find a way to face those challenges.  Try some of the suggestions below:

  • Don’t put your kids to bed late and hope they will sleep later the next morning. That does not always work and you  usually end up with a child that wakes up at the normal time, who is cranky for the entire day.
  • Instill thankfulness and gratitude in your children. Be sure they thank people who help them.  Involve your children in writing thank you notes for gifts and kind deeds that are done for them. (Young children can tell you what they want you to write and older children can write notes on their own).
  • When your children are doing homework, provide a comfortable, well-lit space near enough to ask for help if they need it. Check in with them  and see that the work is actually getting done, and offer positive reinforcement.
  • Establish regular routines, which children both need and thrive on. Uncertainty can make anyone nervous, but children are especially vulnerable to the stress and anxiety that can come with not knowing what is happening.  Regular routines will help keep your kids happy and confident.
  • Use books or other resources to help answer your child’s difficult questions. Find a fact-based resource that helps you explain the answer(s)effectively and age-specific.  (You can find a book on almost any topic these days).
  • Read often to your children, as long as they will allow you to. From picture books when they are small, to chapter books when they are older, reading creates a bonding experience you are both sure to enjoy. Ask your older children to take turns reading.
  • Make sure that your children understand what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behavior.  Sometimes children can mis-read your messages. Explain in clear terms what it is that you expect of him or her, then ask them to explain it back to you, if necessary.

Other Helpful Hints on Stress Management

Get Regular Exercise

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Take advantage of the beautiful fall days and walk exercise outside to get fresh air, vitamin D and exercise.

Keep up to Date on Immunizations

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Make sure that your child has the necessary immunizations and that you’re taking them in for annual checkups. Keep a calendar and a written log somewhere to help you keep track.

Use Relaxation Techniques

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Find some way – every day – to fit in relaxation for everyone in your family.

There are many different methods and ways for people to relax.  Every individual needs to find the method that works best for them.  However, as a family, do your best to make sure that the day starts out calmly for your family and ends with quiet relaxation time.

Co-Parenting and Single Parenting

This can be a very complicated subject. Working with an “ex” to raise your children and/or raising your children alone can be extra tough for both the adult(s) and the child/children concerned.  No matter what your situation, try to set personal feelings aside.  Your main focus needs to be in the best interests of the children.

Sometimes we will face parenting challenges that are very difficult.  As an adult in the family, it is your job to work at making a happy home for your family.

Take the information above and do what you can to turn a tough job into an opportunity to grow as a parent, a person, and a family.

Take care and thanks for reading to a child!

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immunization photo: CC BY by Army Medicine


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