Looking for Free Books online this Fall?

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If you need FREE books on Kindle for the kids,
Doggy loves Autumn” is probably just the book you are looking for!

In this book, the second in the “Ella the Doggy” book series,
you and the children can follow along with Ella the Doggy, as she keeps busy during the Fall season!

Fall Outdoor Activities

Ella is having lots of fun as the weather cools down in Minnesota.

While on her walks outside, she notices lots of changes in the colors…

ella flowers

and she keeps busy snacking on foods from the garden!


Indoor Activities

Inside the house, there is even more action as Ella sees her people family celebrating Halloween…

ella pumpkins

and Thanksgiving!

ella pie_edited-1

As a reminder, the following are some of the benefits of reading to children:

  • Improved speech and language development
  • Children learn how to pronounce new words
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Children tend to do better in school
  • Helps build a life long interest in reading
  • Children learn how to listen
  • Helps children grasp grammar and sentence structure
  • Increases attention span
  • Creates quality time spent with your child/children
  • Helps develop imagination and creativity.
  • Helps children learn how to express themselves
  • Helps kids learn to read to themselves

The benefits of reading childrens books to your kids could go on and on for a long time.

With the click of a button, you can get started right now with Free books online. with a children’ picture book that they will love…

Doggy Loves Autumn” is a children’s picture book that you can download completely FREE September 26-29!
(I apologize as I originally listed the incorrect dates.)

(All of Ella’s books are not only very entertaining, they also
present a wide array of learning opportunities for the younger child).

Just click HERE to download your FREEDoggy Loves Autumn” Kindle book now!

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Here’s to hoping that you are enjoying Fall as much as Ella the doggy does!

Thanks for reading to a child.

Jayne and Ella



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