Are you creating good childhood memories with your children?

children reading poster

Whether this is an “affirmation” post, a “reminder” post, or both, depends upon you.

If you are reading to your children on a regular basis, then good job.  This is an affirmation post.  You know that you are doing wondering things for both you and your child/children when you take the time to read to them.

If you need a gentle nudge because reading books has gotten put on the back burner, then this is your reminder of how important it is to read to your children.

As the message above says (well, kind of anyway), sometimes it’s less important what families read together than the fact that you are spending that “quality” time with them and creating some great memories.  My three children, who are all adults now, have so many memories of all the times we spen reading together when they were little.  The fact that the memories are good means that they were obviously enjoying themselves at the same time that we were creating bonds between us.

However, we also know that the benefits of reading go beyond creating precious memories…

children reading poster two

There is so much learning taking place when children are read to, especially in the early years of their lives when their brains are literally sucking up all the information that is given to them. Reading really is the basis needed for optimal learning in every area of education. The better children can read, the more they will want to read because they will enjoy it more. The more they enjoy reading, the more they will do it and the more they will learn.

There are so very many good books to read to youngsters.

Grab some books now and round up your youngster.  Both educate and create some good childhood memories at the same time.  It will pay off in more ways than you can imagine!

Thanks for reading to a child!


Jayne (and Ella)

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