Ella the Doggy Activity Book For Kids Just Released!

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Ella’s Activity Book for kids is available now!

You can be among the first to get Ella’s new activity book…!

What’s Inside:

                                    Mazes             Word Finds            Crossword Puzzles          Coloring Pages            Word Scrambles          And more!

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 Hours and hours of fun for your family

This activity book is based on the “Ella the Doggy” book series.
You do not need to have the books to do the activities.

However… having the books makes the activities in the book even more
enjoyable because children
are entertained by looking for the answers in the book. 

Since “Ella the Doggy” books are designed to be read to the child around 2-5 years of age,
we wanted to give older children a way to enjoy Ella too….  Hence, “Ella the Doggy Activity Book!”

Those old enough to read (adults included) can either do the activities on their own or help a younger child complete them.

Entertaining and Educational

The activities in this book are fun and entertaining,
but they also help children learn how to read and write.

This book can be used as:

  • preschool worksheets for home schooling
  • for the early childhood classroom
  • to help teach your kids to read and write
  • simply just for the fun of it.

 The author’s goal is to involve the entire family in reading the book series as a way to assist children in their school education,
teach them about day-to-day life, and allow families to enjoy spending time together.

Get your copy HERE before the introductory price is gone!

Have a good day and thanks for reading to a child!


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