Are you creating good childhood memories with your children?

Whether this is an "affirmation" post, a "reminder" post, or both, depends upon you. If you are reading to your children on a regular basis, then good job.  This is an affirmation post.  You know that you are doing wondering things for both you and your child/children when you take the time to read to them. If you need a gentle nudge because reading books has gotten put on the back burner, then this is your reminder of how important it is to read to your children. As the message above says (well, kind of anyway), sometimes it's less important what families read together than the fact that you are spending that "quality" time with them and creating some great memories.  My three children, who are all adults now, have so many memories of all the times we spen reading together when they were little.  The fact that the memories are good means that they were obviously enjoying themselves at the same time that we were creating bonds between us. However, we also know that the benefits of … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Benefits

Are You and Your Family Lacking in Vitamin D? The answer is probably "YES", unless you live in a year-round sunny climate. Living in Minnesota/North Dakota, we are obviously not included in the above group, where it gets so so exceptionally cold for many months of the year.  Some days you can’t stay outside for more than a few minutes. Even then, we may be so bundled up that the only body parts we are exposing might be our eyeballs. You can actually draw a line horizontally across the middle of the United States and EVERY state above that line has significantly more cases of everything from depression, anxiety, MS,  Alzheimers, dementia, cancer, heart issues and overall mortality!  How do I check my vitamin D levels? Periodic blood tests are probably the most accurate way to check  your level of vitamin D.  According to the Institute of Medicine, blood volume ( ranging from 0-100 percent),  30  and below is associated with severe vitamin D deficiency.  Levels between … [Read more...]

Stress Management for Parents

Do you feel like this sometimes?  Wound up so tight that you feel like you are going to both literally and figuratively snap? Stress management for parents can be critical. We may hate to admit that we don't always love parenting and that our children bug us sometimes.  Even if you are usually very happy in your parenting role, sometimes we just need to take a minute and realize we need to do something (or get rid of something) to actively counteract stress. Parenting is a hard job and sometimes we become overwhelmed by the challenges we face.  If a happy home for your family is important to you,  you will find a way to face those challenges.  Try some of the suggestions below: Don't put your kids to bed late and hope they will sleep later the next morning. That does not always work and you  usually end up with a child that wakes up at the normal time, who is cranky for the entire day. Instill thankfulness and gratitude in your children. Be sure they thank people who help … [Read more...]